Style With Substance S2 EP17: Building Sustainable Brands

More than ever, we need brands that solve a problem. Shannon Lohr helps would be sustainable brands do just that. Her company, Factory 45 is a fast track for sustainable businesses to thrive.

Series Two, Episode Seventeen

Style With Substance Podcast Shannon Lohr

At The Vendeur we work with a lot of small sustainable brands and we truly believe they are the future for a more sustainable world. However, it’s not easy owning a brand. And this year, a pandemic and world wide lock down made it even harder! So we thought it was appropriate to speak to someone who knows about building and sustaining brands. Shes done it herself and now she helps other people to realise their dreams.

Sustainable Fashion Accelerator

Shannon Lohr is the Founder of {r}evolution Apparel and her experience inspired her to go on to start Factory 45, an online accelerator programme for sustainable and ethical brands. We talk about success stories like capsule brand Vetta (right) and size inclusive label Poppy Row. This episode isn’t just for brands or aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s also a handy inside look for consumers as to what a sustainable brand goes through to bring you a product and why they make the decisions they do.

Style With Substance Building Sustainable Brands With Factory 45 Vetta
Style With Substance Building Sustainable Brands With Factory 45 Candace Johnson 925 Babe

Image: Factory 45 Alum & Mentor Candace Johnson of 925 Babe

The Importance of Transparent Fashion

Shannon believes that there is no such thing as perfectly sustainable. She’s a big fan of ‘progress over perfection’. Which is why it’s so important to have honest and open communication when marketing your brand. If your products aren’t as sustainable as you would like, tell your customer. Explain to them how you are working to make your product better and include them within the development. While I have Shannon, I ask her the ugly question. Why are you helping brands create more stuff, and so far she’s the first person to give me a credible answer.

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