Style With Substance S2 EP10: Celebrating Wool Week With Finisterre

All Images: Finisterre

To celebrate Wool Week, we caught up with Debbie Luffman from Finisterre to find out what makes British Merino wool so special. Wool is an incredible natural fibre with many outstanding qualities. 

Series Two, Episode Ten

Style With Substance Podcast Celebrating Wool Week With Debbie Luffman Of Finisterre

Wool Week

It officially feels like Autumn now, the leaves are turning, acorns and conkers litter the ground, and it’s Wool Week. Yes this week the Campaign For Wool is celebrating one of the oldest, but certainly the most impressive natural fibre we use. Last week we spoke to Hanna Fiedler about her use of alpaca which is a really sustainable fibre with a low environmental impact. This week Lucy is joined (remotely of course) by Debbie Luffman from Cornish outdoor brand Finisterre. With its origins as a cold water surf brand, they look to find the very best sustainable fabrics to keep you warm and dry when you find yourself surfing off the Cornish coast. If you’ve taken a dip in that part of the world then you know that the water can be insanely cold! As the company’s Product Director, Debbie works with all sorts of fabrics but wool is her favourite. As with linen, which we discussed in episode 8, wool has a lot of amazing attributes that make it sound really techy and man made, not natural and environmentally friendly.

Style With Substance Podcast Celebrating Wool Week Merino Wool Finisterre
Style With Substance Podcast Celebrating Wool Bowmont Project Finisterre

Image: Lesley Prior with her sheep

Whats Up With Wool

Debbie talks about wool’s amazing qualities, it’s durability coupled with it’s ability to regulate temperature and wick away sweat. We also hear the inspiring story of a dying breed of merino sheep, bought back from the brink to thrive in Devon. The Bowmont Flock continues to thrive after near extinction thanks to their support. Finisterre are proud to work with this one of a kind sheep farm. Debbie and the wider team at Finisterre are dedicated to deepening their knowledge and understanding of wool fibre and how to produce it more mindfully across their supply chains. When we understand the amazing journey that a wool jumper goes on, it helps us to truly understand the value we should all be placing in our clothes.

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