Style With Substance – An Introduction

Introducing our very first podcast ‘ Style With Substance’. Hosted by The Vendeur Founder Lucy Kebbell. Subscribe today to recieve each new episode as we release them. 

Lets face it, theres a lot of greenwashing going on out there. Some is easier to spot than others. I’m Lucy Kebbell the Founder of The Vendeur and your host for series one of Style With Substance. I started The Vendeur, a conscious fashion website, in 2018 after becoming disillusioned with my job as a fashion stylist. I wanted to be a more conscious shopper, but still find a way to love my wardrobe. I was baffled by all the greenwashing going on so I did my own research and thought hey maybe a few other people would benefit from this too. I’m proud to say that since then the website has grown and we talk about everything from sustainable fashion, to clean beauty, wellness and everything ethical. So it made sense to take the conversation to the world of podcasting. Style with Substance is a weekly podcast tackling sustainable fashion myths and deep diving into greenwashing within the fashion industry. 

We’ll speak to industry insiders about everything from the truth about clothing recycling, to the importance of preserving artisan craft and mending, as well as shopping your wardrobe and loving to thrift. We’re kicking off during Fashion Revolution Week with a very special label and I really hope you can join us. You can find us on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you get your podcast, why not subscribe today so you’ll receive the episode as soon as it airs.  

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