Comfy Shoes to Work From Home In

Comfy shoes are so important when working from home. They’re not quite slippers but they’re just as satisfying.

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and consequent lockdown, many of us have seen their work schedule completely turned upside down, as we’re now confined in our homes 24/7. With such a drastic change, adapting to it and finding an ideal outfit for the work from home lifestyle might be less easy than we could think. If the first and obvious worry is comfort, spending the majority of our time in our comfy but – let’s admit it – outworn tracksuit and loafers can make us feel a bit sloppy after a while. While staying comfortable is a priority, a good design can be uplifting and will definitely make you feel more put together. Who would have said that a new pair of mules would help your concentration? The power of (good and made to last) fashion. 

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