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Cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities thanks to a little thing called the Corona Virus. But what are you cleaning your home with and are you contributing to our plastic waste problem? Here is the lowdown on refillable cleaning products.

Are Cleaning Products Safe?

Since the pandemic, it’s fair to say that a lot of us have become preoccupied with cleanliness. And rightly so. However our predilection for germ killing is also harming our own health. A Harvard University study which spanned 30 years found that using bleach just once a week may increase your risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by 30% (info: Spruce.) Our lungs it seems are the primary target for many of the ingredients in household cleaners. Lets face it, do any of us use them in well ventilated spaces like we’re supposed to? This article isn’t intended to scare you, however we believe it’s important to take care ourselves and our families at home.

Plastic Waste

However the issues with regular household cleaners don’t end with your health. They also extend to the health of our planet. The amount of plastic waste that is created through our regular use is huge. In the UK, a typical household will create around 100kg of plastic waste in a year. With many of us concerned with single use plastic, sometimes, this hidden problem goes unnoticed. The solution is to switch to refills. Brands now exist offering cleaning products packaged in durable bottles made of aluminium or glass. Simply add the refill to the bottle and top up with water. After all, 90% of our regular household cleaning products are water anyway. 

Of course there is an initial outlay in order to purchase your bottle but it’s worth it to save the planet from choking on our plastic waste. However if it really isn’t an option for you, why not keep old cleaning bottles them fill them up at your local zero waste shop? Give them a clean and take them along to fill up. Or you can purchase a separate refill from the below companies to add to your own bottles. We have run down out favourite brands to switch to.

The Vendeur Recommends: Kinfill*

Based in The Netherlands, Kinfill is the insta friendly cleaning brand thats also safe. Using only naturally derived alternatives to normal surfactants and palm oil, you know that your body will thank you for it. Their biodegradable solutions use ethically sourced ingredients and come in sleek little glass tubes. Simply pour into the elegant glass spray bottle and top up with water. We tried the multi surface cleaner and found it to be effective for use on a variety of issues, with a subtle but pleasing scent. Not only are you limiting your plastic waste, but you are also reducing the amount of problematic chemicals that you might otherwise come into contact with.

Multi Surface Spray, €24.95, Kinfill

Kinfill Multi Purpose Cleaner Refillable Cleaning Products
Spruce Refillable Cleaning Products

New refillable cleaning company Spruce is pushing the boundaries of zero waste cleaning. Founder Mahira began her own research after suffering from health difficulties and discovered that what she was cleaning her house with was as important as what she ate or put on her skin. Her DIY efforts have evolved into Spruce, where ingredients are organic and food or cosmetics grade safe. The refills are again topped up with water, and arrive in plastic free, home compostable sachets. With each sachet weighing a tiny 5g each, the brand’s carbon footprint is much lower than the average companies because they are not shipping as much weight. 


You may have come across Tincture already. The UK based brand have been popping up at our favourite sustainable retailers over the last few years. Most recently at The Maiyet Collective’s new pop up. The subtle but elegant recycled plastic bottles also include silver making them antimicrobial. They are also recyclable at the end of their lifespan. In the meantime, once empty, simply top it up with the refill which comes in a glass bottle. The scents are incredible, and a million times more pleasant than your average household cleaner. Each solution is an expert blend of botanical extracts and essential oils (all made in the UK) to create an effective and sensory pleasing cleaner.

Bathroom Tincture, £4.99, Tincture

Tincture Bathroom Cleaner Refillable Cleaning Products
Clean Living Glass Cleaner Refillable Cleaning Products
Clean Living 

You may be thinking that remembering to refill your cleaning products sounds like a lot of faff. Something time poor people simply won’t get round to. Clean Living’s Replenishment service takes all the hassle out of refilling. But instead of bombarding you with new product each month, you get to choose what you need and when. By allowing you to personalise your plan, Clean Living are doing even more to help you use less plastic. Once you have run out, you can reuse your aluminium bottle by topping up the contents of the refill sachet with water. Of course a handy discount is available when purchasing bundle’s of refills. 

Glass Cleaner Starter Pack, £7.19, Clean Living


If you have the space to store larger containers and don’t want to bother with a subscription service, then Fill is the brand for you. Their products can also be purchased in large boxes, complete with handy taps so you can refill your own bottles. It saves you the odious task of traipsing to the nearest Zero Waste shop with empty containers to fill them up. We especially love that they operate a closed loop system meaning you can return your box when you’re done. They also sell their own beautifully stylish glass bottles to refill. Otherwise you can also use whatever you have and save the energy used to ship it to you. Of course Fill’s formula’s are biodegradable and vegan. 

Washing Up Liquid (10L), from £33, Fill 

Fill Washing Up Liquid Refillable Cleaning Products

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare advice. We make every effort to ensure we only recommend safe products however you should always do a patch test when trying new products. This post may contain affiliate links.

* We were sent a sample of this product to try before we made our recommendation to you. We were under no obligation to feature the product, we only include products we like and that we think work.

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