Natural Sexual Health products With Less Nasties

To celebrate Sexual Health Awareness Week (13th-19th September 2021) we have researched and found the best products to ensure your sexual wellbeing.

The last few years have been exciting ones for the emancipation of the sexual health industry. But if you were like us and you wondered what your condoms were made of, or what went into your favourite lube, then you’ll be glad to know that ethical and eco friendly options are now populating the market. Not to mention vegan ones too – did you know that condoms were traditionally made of lamb intestines? While it’s a much less common practise, they do still exist on the market so it’s worth checking the packet before you buy. Similarly if you are vegan, you’ll want to avoid the ingredient casein which is an animal derived protein, used to make condoms smooth.

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So in the same way that we question what might be in our sunscreen or whether our tampons are made using bleach, you should apply this diligence to sexual health products too. You deserve options that are good for your skin, your vulva or penis, not to mention your mental well being too. Thankfully there are a lot of new exciting products available that cater to those with a need for better ingredients and transparency. We have rounded up a few ideas from our favourite brands to help make your next experience, pleasurable,safe and eco friendly.

Natural Sex Products


Arguably the easiest way to practise safe sex, condoms are conventionally made from latex rubber. Luckily, fair trade rubber options exist so you can be assured that tappers have been fairly treated and that forests have been protected. Condoms can often feature questionable ingredients too, so we love the natural alternatives available from Hanx. Hanx have done so much to ensure a more transparent conversation around condoms. They recommend avoiding ingredients like glycerin, nitrosamine, benzocaine and spermicides like Nontoxynol. They can cause yeast infections, endocrine disruption and even damage the cells in your vaginal wall. 

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Whether used to heighten enjoyment or make sex more comfortable, lubricant is a must in your bedside draw. Of course, natural options are always great too. Try coconut or sweet almond oil, both are great natural lubricants and can be used in intimate areas. However it’s worth noting that natural, oil based lubes can break down latex condoms making them less effective. Water based lubes are a safe bet for use with condoms, dental dams and sex toys. So pay attention to what you use and when in order to not get an unexpected surprise!

Oils to Get You In The Mood

These oils double up as lubricants as well as body oils so are doubly good for getting you and your partner in the mood. Try an option with CBD like Common Bond (above) or Foria. CBD is known to increase blood flow, a vital part of arousal. It also helps to ease tension and relax muscles which are often common reasons for experiencing discomfort during sex.

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