Best Hair Masks for Post Summer Hair

We don’t always treat our hair as well as we should, especially in the Summer. That’s all about to change, here are the best hair masks for post summer hair.

Your skin isn’t the only thing that suffered over the Summer. Overexposure to UV rays, bleach, heat and pollution can leave your hair and scalp dry and damaged. Flaky scalps and frizzy locks are never a good look. While conditioning can help to keep your hair looking healthy, we recommend applying a hair mask once or twice a week to protect and nourish it, while also improving the condition of your scalp. Here are our favourite hair masks to help restore your hair to its former glory.

Best Hair Masks for Post Summer Hair

Combining vitamins and antioxidants, Mr Smith’s Masque delivers hydration while repairing damaged hair. It looks and smells elegant, and does a great job too.
Combining 7 non greasy high quality vegetable oils, this natural, zesty smelling hair mask is deeply nourishing.

We love this coconut oil product for treating dry, irritated scalps. Don’t be scared to put an oil in your hair, it rinses out well and hair looks shiny and feels soft after application.

Ideal for colour treated hair, this intense treatment fortifies weak and damaged locks. The fine molecules of Rahua Oil help to extend your hair colour too.
The world’s first pre shampoo hair treatment, the Elasticizer was originally created for Audrey Hepburn. Not only does is soften your hair but it also adds strength and elasticity to prevent breakage.