Our sister platform, The WIP is now live on Kickstarter. Please pledge and share to support us.

In our mission to support small, sustainable businesses and conscious consumers, we are launching a sister to The Vendeur, specifically for businesses. The Vendeur’s founder Lucy explains what The WIP is, and how you can support us. 

What is The WIP?

It is a digital online membership platform for sustainable brand founders, employees, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, freelancers and designers. For those wishing to take those important first steps towards responsible business and living, or whether you are a seasoned pro, looking to share your experience and knowledge with others, we grow better when we work together. The WIP will provide a unique and dedicated community, as well as exclusive learning resources, created by us, specifically to cater to the sustainable and ethical business niche. 

Why are we launching The WIP?

Through my work with The Vendeur, every day I interact with a variety of companies and brands, as well as designers and entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur myself, I recognised a need for community during the first lock-down, and when I couldn’t find what I was looking for, decided to create it myself. The WIP is my way of helping sustainable businesses to smash the barriers they face on a daily basis which are hindering their growth. The Vendeur will continue in exactly the same way as before, bringing you honest, unbiased content.

The WIP Campaign Live on Kickstarter - what our members say

Why are we raising on Kickstarter?

Being a transparent, community driven platform, it didn’t make sense to me to go to investors to help fund this expansion. The growth of our members and your business is what drives us, so we wanted to raise money with you too. By pre-selling memberships as well as a variety of additional pledging options you will help us raise the money we need to build the platform you will be using. Whilst we could have used a cheaper, ‘out of the box’ service, I instead chose to create something bespoke and original.

How Can You Support Us?

The great news is there are so many ways you can show your support for this project. The main one being, becoming a member. We are growing our community and welcoming new members. Simply pre order your annual membership today. Your membership will become active once the platform has launched in October, but in the meantime you can join our community on Geneva and start taking advantage of the community and events. You can also help by sharing your Kickstarter pledge on social media and with your networks. 

If you don’t want to become a member, you can still pledge to support us. We are here to help the growth of the sustainable industry in the UK, something which benefits all of us. Your support is just as important. Any amount, however small, helps us to reach our goal. And if you are not in a position to pledge, please share this link with your networks and colleagues. You can also follow us on Instagram @thewip.work and share our posts on your stories and feeds to help spread the work.

The WIP Campaign Live on Kickstarter @thewip.work Instagram grid

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