Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques

Image: Mehrotra at Doda The Store

Since lockdown, online shopping has become more exciting, make sustainably and ethical fashion more accessible. We discover the boutiques offering a dedicated, responsible edit. Step away from Amazon, these are our favourite sustainable online fashion boutiques. 

Who isn’t guilty of a little online shopping now and again? While the past year spent in and out of lockdown made it a necessity, there are conscious ways to shop online too. Our recent article takes a deep dive into the issues around online shopping, the waste problem with packaging and our increased carbon footprint. The internet has made future-shaping sustainable brands accessible to a broader audience. Now, you can access products and brands that match your values with ease. Some of these sustainable boutiques were built to give you an alternative to unethical online shopping and showcase exciting products from fashion, accessories, jewellery and homeware. Here a round-up of our latest must visits.

5 Insiring Sustainable Fashion Online Shopping Boutiques

Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques SlowCo Organic Basics


SlowCo is an online platform with the aim to bridge the gap between aesthetic and ethics. This sustainably curated fashion Ecommerce site is also a socially responsible model, a “band of independent designers who create inspiring pieces that are made to last”. To select brands, they use a strict sustainability filter based on ten values. This ensures that each item meets a series of requirements before being considered for inclusion. They cover all transport-related carbon emissions two to three times over by planting at least one tree in Madagascar for every order. This is done in partnership with the NGO Tree-Nation, which have been reforesting the planet since 2006. Sustainability should mean inclusion too right? SlowCo have created a gender-neutral browsing experience for those who want it, separating lines by values and also by either Femme, Masc or All. They are constantly working hard to bring an increasing number of size and ability inclusive brands to their offering (like Organic Basics – left).

Lars Labels

Lårs Labels is an environmentally and socially conscious, style -led online E-commerce retail platform. It’s founded by former Retail Buyer Sophie Larsen, alongside award-winning Creative Director in design and visual arts, Co-Founder Chris Jarrett. The premise is inspired by sustainable ways of living, authenticity and transparency, incorporating this into their personal and professional lives. Both founders wanted to challenge the incredible amount of greenwashing and lack of transparency across the fashion industry. Each brand (like Asime – right) and product on Lårs Labels shares the value of taking a long term approach to design, manufacturing and the consumption of products. They champion brands that are fully transparent in all of their processes, and that create goods that avoid harm to people and the planet, from design to delivery.

Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Lars Label Asime
Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Hibana AAKS


Hibana 火花 [noun] is the Japanese word for spark. The name represents the spark between independent brands with inspiring stories to tell and conscious shoppers who want more from their purchases. Peter and Nick, founders of Hibana, always shared a love of discovering innovative new brands and increasingly wanted to shop more consciously. When lockdown hit and the high street closed, they realised how easy it was to rely on the convenience of big brands. They also witnessed how difficult it was to discover indie gems online. They decided to do something about it, and many lockdown Zoom calls later Hibana was brought to life. They showcase some of the UK’s best independent brands (like AAKS – left). Carefully curated, all seek to loosen the grip that fast fashion and wasteful consumption have on our society. They are all beautifully unique and share the same ethical vision.

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Endless Wardrobe 

Endless Wardrobe is the online platform offering a new way to shop. They are the first and only site where you can shop the same style in three ways: rent, buy new and buy nearly new. The three way shop model offers a curated selection of brands (including Whistles, Free People and Musier – right). They work as an official stockist, which is why they have current season styles in multiple sizes, not one-off pieces. You can choose from their curated edit of tops, dresses and more, rent for 4-16 days, or buy to keep forever. If you’ll only wear it once or twice, why not rent it? If you’re going to wear it endlessly, then buy. In this way, they make popular brands accessible, sustainable and affordable. Plus you can try a new style or trend, before deciding whether it’s right for you.

Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Endless Wardrobe Musier
Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Sanchos


After visiting her motherland Ethiopia, Co Founder Kalkidan Legesse saw an obvious disparity in the way that fashion treats people around the world. Along with her friend Vidmantas Markevicius, she began Sanchos as a bricks and mortar shop in Exeter. The shop is still there, having recently reopened. However during lockdown, Sanchos amazing curation of social and environmentally responsible brands were available to find online. In addition to this, Kalkidan works hard to make sure every aspect of the business, right down to the eco friendly packaging, is as thought out and low impact as possible. If you’re looking for accessibly priced but ethically made fashion, with a dose of wit and education from Kalkidan, then head to Sanchos.

Akojo Market

Nowhere is artisanship celebrated more than at Akojo Market. Championing small, independent brands based or produced in Africa, Akojo is proud to amplify makers. Measuring impact is key, and can be seen clearly via their Impact monitor. Not only do the artisans employed by the brands stocked get counted, but their dependents too. Akojo currently supports 11,250 people via it’s marketplace. Expect to find modern feeling labels like Wear Your Mask (right), Asha Eleven and Doa. As well as more traditional feeling brands like Moto Moto and Yala Jewellery. You can learn more about how Akojo amplifies African designers and artisans on a Western stage via episode 13 of our Podcast Style With Substance.

Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Akojo Market
Sustainable Online Fashion Boutiques Doda The Store

Doda the Store

DODA is the accessories platform founded by stylist, fashion editor and accessories enthusiast, Grace Wright. The online shop is a contemporary jewellery and accessories platform showcasing an eclectic, hand-picked edit of special pieces from independent and emerging brands. Each has a strong design identity as well as enthusiasm for quality and timelessness. They’re some of the most exciting sustainable brands: DODA’s first buy includes Muun, Mehrotra, Natasha Barrault, Palorosa, Waiata (left), Sandralexandra, Sisi Joia and Completed Works. You are guaranteed to find unique pieces that will give your style an interesting twist.

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