Best Vegan Handbags

Image: Stella McCartney

As many vegans will attest, simply erasing animal based foods from your diet isn’t enough. There are also beauty and fashion products to consider. If you are looking for a stylish new handbag, without the worry of its origin, then we have the best vegan handbags for you.

Vegan (or fake) leather isn’t a new thing. Many reasonable fashion brands have stocked fake leather goods over the years. Usually made of PU or polyurethane, they are a cheap and cruelty free antidote to leather. However, we now know that regular PU, made from petroleum, is far from kind to the environment. By choosing a cheap PU handbag, your impact on the environment is probably equal to that of the production of an animal made leather handbag. This is because the process of creating PU is energy and water intensive. Plus the solvents in the polyurethane mean that the process is toxic to those working in the factories.

But don’t despair, we have good news. Pioneered by the Queen of Sustainability Stella McCartney, great eco alternatives to PU leather now exist. Stella’s own ‘alter-nappa’ is created using recycled polyester and vegetable oil. She’s not the only one making amazing innovations in the field of vegan leather. House Of Fluff recently released cactus leather jackets and Mashu use water based PU. We have collated our favourite kind vegan leather brands. So the only issue you’ll have is choosing just one!

Best Vegan Handbags

Best Vegan Handbags Stella McCartney Vegan Bags

Of course this gallery wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the iconic Stella McCartney. We love the structured shape of this recent style, which wouldn’t be out of place in the office or on a date. You simply can’t go wrong with this baby.

We have to admit it: we have a soft spot for Mashu’s architectural handbags. The Amaryllis is the kind of bag that would look good on a minimal design set. Still, this one is absolutely perfect for any occasion. The shape is understated but it has a lot of personality. Plus, Mashu offer free worldwide carbon neutral shipping.

Best Vegan Handbags Mashu Amaryllis Zebra Vegan Bags
Best Vegan Handbags Matt and Nat Casa Crossbody Vegan Bags

Matt & Nat offer stylish but accessibly priced vegan leather options. The styles are timeless meaning you can make your bag last a long time. The versatile colourways make this style the perfect choice for your everyday bag. 

A good quality vegan suede can be tricky to get right. However we love this bucket bag from Dauntless, because it really does look like suede. Created in collaboration with Camellet, a leather brand, the bag is part of Camellet’s first cruelty free collection. Each bag is signed by the crafts person that made it, making it a personal and special piece.

We love this cool but practical backpack from Charlie Feist. Not only does it look great but it’s made from recycled PET and vegan leather. A handy laptop sleeve makes it a great option for those that need to be on the go.

Alkeme Atelier’s unique shapes ensure that you’ll definitely turn heads when carrying one of their bags. The brand only uses plant based leather alternatives like cactus, grape and pineapple, Pinatex.

Best Vegan Handbags Alkeme Atelier Triangular Satchel Vegan Bags
Best Vegan Handbags Luxtra London Belt Bag Vegan Bags

Named after the late architectural designer Zaha Hadid, this multi use bag is a winner. It’s made using e-Ultra ™ a bio based leather alternative derived from corn. Wear it around your waist as a stylish belt bag or use the detachable chain to transform it to a shoulder bag. To find out more about Luxtra, read our interview with founder Jessica Kruger.

Hozen is a Californian based vegan bag brand founded by Rae Nicolleti. Having studied under Hermes master artisan Beatrice Amblard, she set about creating a vegan brand to reflect her planet loving ethos. The bags are created in small batches in LA using plant based leathers and recycled materials.

Best Vegan Handbags Hozen Mini Duffel Vegan Bags
Best Vegan Handbags Gunas NY Vegan Bags

If you’re looking for something feminine and fun, Gunas NY is a must. Using recycled metal hardware and eco PU, they create something unique within the vegan bag niche. The bags are made in Seoul, a once thriving manufacturing hub that is now threatened to be taken over by China’s fashion manufacturers. Gunas is proud to support their artisanal makers.

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