Best Vegan Handbags

Image: Mashu SS19

No one can deny that Veganism has hit the mainstream recently. And as many vegans will attest, simply erasing animal based foods from your diet isn’t enough. There are also beauty and fashion products to consider. If you are looking for a stylish new handbag, without the worry of its origin, then we have the best vegan handbags for you.

Vegan (or fake) leather isn’t a new thing. Many reasonable fashion brands have stocked fake leather goods over the years. Usually made of PU or polyurethane, they are a cheap and cruelty free antidote to leather. However, we now know that regular PU, made from petroleum, is far from kind to the environment. By choosing a cheap PU handbag, your impact on the environment is probably equal to that of the production of an animal made leather handbag. This is because the process of creating PU is energy and water intensive. Plus the solvents in the polyurethane mean that the process is sometimes toxic to those working in the factories.

But don’t despair, we have good news. Pioneered by the Queen of Sustainability Stella McCartney, great alternatives now exist. Stella’s own ‘alter-nappa’ is created using recycled polyester and vegetable oil. She’s not the only one making amazing innovations in the field of vegan leather. EcoLorica is another exciting material being used by brands including JW Pei and Lo London. It’s made from a microfibre which is strong and textured like leather. We have collated our favourite kind vegan leather brands. So the only issue you’ll have is choosing just one!

Best Vegan Handbags

Of course this gallery wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the iconic Falabella bag by Stella McCartney. We love the new pastel colours for Spring that are now available in this adorable mini size. You simply can’t go wrong with this baby.

We have to admit it: we have a soft spot for Mashu’s architectural handbags. The Amaryllis is the kind of bag that would look good on a minimal design set. Still, this one is absolutely perfect on any occasion. Understated but with a lot of personality, it comes with wooden handles and a metal chain. Plus: free worldwide carbon neutral shipping.

If you are looking for a good vegan alternative to suede, then look no further than Matt & Nat’s Suede Camera Bag. It feels genuinely soft to the touch. This versatile colour Cabernet makes it the perfect choice for your everyday bag. It’s on final sale, so you better hurry up!

This sleek briefcase if perfect for your office days, and your MacBook will fit like a glove. This vegan leather, lightweight and resistant bag, makes it easy to carry around all day. The soft lining comes from recycled plastic bottles. Lo London use EcoLorica to create a cruelty free, environmentally friendly vegan bag.

We love this cool but practical backpack from Charlie Feist. Not only does it look great but it’s made from recycled PET and vegan leather. A handy laptop sleeve makes it a great option for those that need to be on the go.

You’ve seen it on every it girl. We’re talking about the 90s Baguette Bag, which is back and stronger than ever. This one is in croc-embossed vegan leather with recycled polyester lining. Making this trendy guilty pleasure way less guilty.

LUXTRA uses bio based materials as alternatives to leather. Expect to find fabrics like Pinatex, Frumat and Fruit leather bags available. And while this is exciting enough, the classic styles are totally wearable. No one would know your bag wasn’t made from an animal.

Beloved of sustainable style icon Jasmine Hemsley, the elegant selection of V by Townsley is the thinking woman’s vegan bag. Crafted in Italy from Japanese vegan leather, many of the bags are lined with organic linen. Plus the efficient manufacturing process helps to cut carbon emissions and uses less water.

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