Stylish Denim Jackets

Image: E.L.V Denim

It’s not yet warm enough to forgo a jacket, so a light option is a welcome one. We run down the most stylish denim jackets to take you from Spring into Summer.

Could you name a more versatile fabric than denim? The iconic fabric is arguable our most reliable fashion choice. If the latest trends didn’t make it clear enough, denim is now considered not merely a humble garment, but a real investment piece. The resistant fibres and the fact it simply never goes out of fashion are proof that we can consider them to be the same level of quality we would typically associate with a higher price tag like; cashmere, wool, or leather. Historically denim is not the most sustainable fabric on the market. However there are a lot of trés stylish brands out there creating more eco friendly options. We also love that denim jackets appear to be one of the most exciting items to find while vintage and thrift shopping. The versatility is in the styling and denim jackets are the perfect choice for unpredictable weather. You couldn’t ask for a better option for this time of the year! Here is a round-up of our favourite picks.

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