Planning A Sustainable Spring Wedding

Looking ahead to your Spring wedding we get the lowdown on how to plan a sustainable day with Green Soul Weddings founder Hannah Mullen’s tips.

With the tough year we’ve all had, what could be nicer than looking ahead to 2021 and Spring. Which is of course a time associated with new beginnings, fresh starts and a whole lot of hope. If you’re considering or planning a spring wedding then here is a selection of considerations and ideas for ensuring your event runs smoothly. And of course, minimises its environmental impact along the way.

Sustainable Spring Wedding Hannah Mullens Green Soul Weddings Outdoor Wedding Venue UK

Prepare for all weathers

No season is predictable here in the UK, and spring can definitely throw us it’s fair share of weather changes. I’ve had chocolate eggs melting on Easter trails and experienced complete washouts for the late May bank holiday! So unfortunately the weather for your spring celebration can be anyone’s guess! As advised in the Autumn and Winter Sustainable Wedding Planning editions, you should plan for all weathers. Not only does this leave you feeling reassured on the countdown to your big day, but also allows you to be more sustainable in your choices. By not having to make last minute rash changes because of the weather, you’ll save money and stay true to your values.

Carefully consider any outdoor spaces you plan to use at your venue. Think about the type of material underfoot or the different types of footwear you might like to have to hand on the day. Why not embrace your walking boots or wellies for some muddy fun if the April showers join you! The availability of umbrellas at your venue is key as well as whether there is any natural shade for scorching hot spring days. Could your entertainment be moved from inside to out depending on the weather? And crucially, inform your guests about the plan for the day so that they can make informed outfit choices.

Bank Holidays

Spring provides us with a selection of bank holidays to look forward to, and these are typically very popular weekends for wedding celebrations. It is advisable that if you are planning your wedding for a bank holiday weekend you should send save the dates out early as your guests are more likely to make plans for those weekends in advance. Bank holiday weekends can also be the ideal opportunity for longer celebrations that span multiple days. This will reduce the number of guests needing to take time off work to be with you. Choosing venues that offer sustainable accommodation options such as consciously converted spaces, camping fields or glamping options can be perfect for this. And help to cut down on guest travel. In addition, depending on the venues check-out times, this can provide a great opportunity to inject more of your personality into the celebrations with fun activities before or after the wedding.

Spring Wedding Stationery

If you opt for a wedding weekend, have multiple aspects to your day, or are planning for a key date far in advance, then digital invites can be a flexible and sustainable option to choose. Going digital helps to streamline the invite process. It makes RSVPs easier to obtain and makes changes possible without an expensive and wasteful reprint. Plus you’ll save lots of paper in the process. Wedding websites are ideal for these scenarios and can be designed to suit your needs and style. If you want to send a physical piece of happy-post then eco-friendly invites can work well paired with a link to find more information online. This way you can avoid sending too much paper to people. It’s costly and lets face it, will probably get misplaced.

Another stationery style that is great all year-round but is particularly relevant to spring is the amazingly sustainable option of seeded paper. With a variety of options becoming much more accessible, this paper can be embedded with seeds for wildflowers, herbs, meadow mixes or bee friendly options. These papers have a natural feel, can be printed onto or paired with other recyclable materials to achieve your chosen design. Best of all they can be planted by your guests and enjoyed as a lasting reminder of your day! At a time of year associated with new life and growth, what could be better than such a beautiful and waste free option. We love the stylish options available from stationers Luna & Sol Co Design. They also have great waste free options that allow you to eliminate the need for envelopes with a cool ‘All In One’ range.

Sustainable Spring Wedding Hannah Mullens Green Soul Weddings Easter Wedding Theme Decor Table Decoration

Seasonal Venue Styling

Easter weekend is a popular one for weddings and can provide a great opportunity to make your décor seasonal and sustainable. The use of naturally available materials immediately helps your event to feel as though it is embracing the season. Think; egg shells, baskets, bare twigs and ‘nests’, candles, seasonal flowers, blossom, and soft, delicate and fresh colour palettes. Go one step further with linen dyed using natural waste from the season by Luminosa. And don’t forget that chocolate treats can double as décor and favours in one! As with all wedding ‘themes’ you can go as subtle or full-on with Easter or Spring vibes as you’d like.

In terms of seasonal florals, potted bulbs can make beautiful focal displays and be a fantastic sustainable option. Give them to guests to take home as a reminder of the day. Nevertheless, be careful which bulbs you choose to have. We recommend discussing this with a florist carefully. This is because many flowering bulbs such as hyacinth can have strong scents. Whilst you might love the smell when you pass it in your garden, it can be a different story when gathering multiple flowers together in a confined space. The last thing you want is to have your venue filled with an overpowering smell that causes you and your guests to have a bad headache!

Beyond bulbs, spring is a time of new life in the floral world and delicate florals tie in beautifully with bountiful foliage to really emphasise a fresh and natural vibe. There is also plenty of colour to be found. As the season develops the variety and brightness of British blooms typically intensifies. Tulips for example can provide both a delicate but also vibrant feel to any bouquet and come in so many stunning varieties. Check our ‘seasonal guide to wedding flowers’ for more ideas in spring. Orchards or gardens and woodlands rich with rhododendrons can also make the most amazing venues at this time of year. These natural wonders  provide you with the most spectacular floral backdrops and really allow nature to take centre stage during your wedding.

Sustainable Spring Wedding Hannah Mullens Green Soul Weddings Spring Bouquet

Get outside

As the weather starts to improve and the evenings get significantly lighter, spring can be the ideal time to begin embracing the outdoors with your wedding celebrations. Garden lawn games are great fun for all the family, plus everyone loves a bouncy castle, right? In the spring these entertainment options can keep everyone outside and enjoying the evening glow for longer. Perfect if you’re an outdoors-loving couple and want to ensure that this plays a part in your big day. Lanterns, clustered candles, comfy seating and baskets of blankets can help to keep everyone outdoors late into the evening too. However it’s worth securing a backup option in case the weather turns. Speak to your wedding planner about recreating outdoor games inside.

Sustainable Spring Wedding Hannah Mullens Green Soul Weddings 4 tier wedding cake

A fresh menu

Spring can be a great time to add a fresh, seasonal aspect to your menu. Which of course helps you minimise the environmental impact of your catering. It is a time for embracing the young tender plants available. This makes it an especially great season for vegan and vegetarian catering. Courses generally tend to take a ‘fresher’ and ‘lighter’ approach as the weather brightens and warms. Lamb sourced locally is a great seasonal farm-to-fork option at this time of year. In addition, with lovely spring greens and asparagus available your caterers will have plenty of flavours to get creative with. For your wedding cake why not start experimenting with fruity and delicate flavour combinations. Try elderflower, champagne and rhubarb, just one of the many delicious flavours I’ve seen used during springtime.

Spring Bridal Style

Embrace the season and explore pastel colour palettes for your wedding attire. Brides don’t have to wear white, and grooms don’t have to wear dark suits. Let your personal style inform your look on the day. Try adding pops of colour with ribbons or bridal accessories. A Lovers Thread creates beautiful personalised ribbons that can be tied around bouquets or in your hair. Why not experiment with floral prints or crowns for your bridesmaids. But as with venue advice, make sure to anticipate varying weather. A lace or chiffon shrug can be removed when the dancing hots up, or the sun makes an appearance. Keep wet weather or warmer coats and umbrellas on hand if you want your photos outside.

Sustainable Spring Wedding Hannah Mullens Green Soul Weddings Pastel Wedding Dress

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