Finding organic activewear made from chemical-free natural fibres is sometimes tricky: but doesn’t it make absolute sense? Wearing organic natural fibres is healthier for the skin and more planet-friendly since there’s no trace of toxic pesticides, fertilisers and GMOs. Whether we’re talking organic cotton or organic hemp, organic fibres have the health of farmers, workers, wildlife and the planet in mind.

Whatever your exercising routine – let’s all pretend we’re wearing athleisure at the gym only – solitary runs in the park or just late walks to the groceries, you finally can find some really good alternatives to chemical fibres. They seemed to be the absolute rule for activewear only until recently, while today there are great options close to 100% of natural and organic fabrics. The seasonal transition to Autumn is the perfect time to renew our commitment to self-care, health and wellbeing.

Let’s not forget that brands that care about the environment are more likely to have higher ethical standards and employ responsible labour. These are all brands doing their part to provide consumers with high-performance activewear while protecting both people and the planet. Here our favourites!

Five ACTIVEWEAR Brands To Know


This London based brand is Chemical Free, Manufactured from regenerated wood pulp and Sustainable. This top has an elegant, double crossover shoulder straps at the back and a medium support built in bra. The long body and smooth fit ensures it stays in place during yoga and Pilates practice: a perfect activewear piece for wearing in the gym and everyday

Conquer Cami – Teal, £52.00, Asquith


This relaxed pant in organic cotton jersey and with a contrast woven tie at the front has organically farmed fibres, free from chemical sprays and genetically modified seeds. It benefits the soil and farmers. Plus: it’s dyed with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Lounge tie pant in bottle green, $ 169, kowtow


This is the perfect base layer to wear during your practice or as an essential garment for your everyday wardrobe. Crafted from Organic Cotton, with a touch of recycled elastane for comfort, it is designed to sit like a second skin: both comfortable and practical. Plus: the detailed at the back neck with a beautiful oak leaf motif.

Skinny Basic Top, £ 80, Bamford


Pansy new unisex stretch shorts are made from organic USA grown cotton with 10% spandex from recycled PET (plastic bottles) and are wonderfully made to fit all kinds of bodies. They’re perfect to move around in and wear as clothes or under clothes. Plus: the design is definitely the right one if you feel like athleisure can sometimes get a bit repetitive  – and boring.

Stretch Shorts, 42.00, Pansy

Groceries Apparel

This is a classic design in which you can “meditate, gyrate and rejuvenate”: the perfect high-rise leggings, in this slimming colour-blocked version. Made from highly-renewable eucalyptus trees, this exclusive heather grey stretch jersey is breathable! Plus: it supports your body’s natural thermal regulation.

Aria High-waist Leggings, $96.00, Groceries Apparel

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