New Denim Brands for 2019

Image: Boyish Jeans

Creating fabulous pairs of jeans takes a lot of work. Not just in human terms, but environmental too. And with so many brands on the market, where do you go? We’ve created our guide to the most exciting new denim brands for 2019.

When it comes to denim, we can’t say we aren’t spoilt for choice. However denim production is a notoriously energy intensive one. This is because it’s heavily reliant on cotton for it’s main material. Cotton production is highly impactful, using a lot of water and pesticides. Then to create your jeans the cotton is dyed, washed and distressed. These processes require thousands of gallons of water. On average, this water is never reused, it is simply disposed of, chemicals and all. So if you’re trying to lessen your impact on the environment, wearing new denim can be a minefield. However, we’ve found some amazing new brands that are not only making great looking denim, but they are mindful of their impact too.

Boyish Jeans

Specialising in vintage washes, this LA based brand is the place to go for interesting washes and distressed styles. Washing and distressing denim are techniques known to be the most stressful on the environment. This is because a lot of water is needed to dye, wash and create distressed effects. However, Boyish use reduced indigo dyes, enzymes and laser machines to replace traditional labour and energy intensive techniques. The result is denim that could have been dug out of a vintage shop but with great fit! We’ve also heard that they are coming to the UK very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Outland Denim

If you followed Meghan Markle’s much publicised Royal Tour of Australia this year, you have likely heard of Outland Denim. The Duchess happily sported her black pair several times on the tour, leading to an upsurge in publicity and sales for the company. And we can’t think of anyone more deserving. Australia’s first certified B Corp denim company, Outland was created after it’s founder James become involved in anti-trafficking groups. He realised that for women recovering from the trauma of human trafficking, a stable, well paid job was crucial to their recovery. Today Outland’s jeans are crafted in their bright and safe Cambodian factories by survivors of trafficking. It’s an incredible story, and you can learn more here.

E.L.V Denim

If you are looking for something entirely unique in your jeans, then E.L.V Denim are your dream come true. Each pair is crafted from 2 pairs of vintage jeans, by hand. So no two pairs are the same. E.L.V is an acronym of East London Vintage, where the studio is based. The collections are designed and manufactured in East London, meaning their environmental footprint is very small. Plus the range is made exclusively of vintage, unwanted jeans. We love when a designer takes a truly unique and innovative approach to design, and E.L.V Denim is right up there.

Iden Denim

London based Iden Denim are the King’s of fit. They aim to provide amazing foundation pieces with a modern twist. Exaggerated cuffs, lacing and zip details make each piece extra special. It’s already a favourite with our favourite Instagram influencers. Not only that but they take care over the quality and construction of each piece. They use organic cotton and recycled trims to create really exciting and stand out styles.

FK Jeans Filipa K

Scandinavian classic Fillipa K is our go to label for minimal, modern design with a conscious. The newly launched FK Denim capsule is a celebration of this thinking. At the core of this though is a range designed for women, by a woman. Crafted from organic cotton, the styles are simple. It aims to take the nonsense out of getting dressed in the morning. When you know that you can reach for the perfect jeans with just a little bit of stretch, everything seems simpler. The washes are nothing fancy, merely an indigo and perfect mid blue tone. Why over complicate things?

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