Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums

During pregnancy our skin changes and can be difficult to control. We have discovered 6 of the best natural pregnancy skincare products for expectant Mums.

Contrary to preconceptions, pregnancy doesn’t always equal skin radiance and that ‘pregnancy glow’ everyone allows bangs on about. The whole thing can actually be a bit hard on our skin. A pregnant body goes through so many changes, including hormone release and more blood than usual being pumped around the body. Such rapid changes can unsurprisingly take its toll on our skin. When the baby finally arrives, our skin has to cope with yet more sleepless nights and unusual hormones, as well as the effects of the stress hormone cortisol from dealing with a demanding new addition to the family. Fortunately, there are some gentle yet highly effective natural products made to nourish your skin both during and beyond pregnancy. Lots of new mums find they have much drier skin than normal, and some also suffer from red and flaky patches, flare-ups and just general dull and lacklustre skin.

Which product is right for you?

With so many skincare ingredients off-limits when you are pregnant (ie retinol) it can be hard to navigate skincare. The emphasis should be on gentle, natural oils. Our favourite ingredients include wheat germ, almond, sunflower oils, plus gentle fragrances like apricot and lavender. Some baby oils are designed so you can also use them on your own skin too. They’re guaranteed to be gentle and can help treat the dry skin that affects many new mums. Plus, you’ll both smell lovely! Relaxing massage oils are a good choice too if you’re feeling a bit frazzled and stressed. Calming ingredients to look out for include geranium, camomile, jojoba, almond, basil and lavender. Asking your partner for a massage is a wonderful way to help you both reconnect.

6 Gentle Skincare Brands For Expectant Mums

Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums Mum Bub Hub Soaking Salts

Mum Bub Hub 

Mum Bub Hub is rooted in the postpartum traditions of catering to the needs of new parents through their transition into parenthood. Their products are a nudge to remind women to take a few minutes out of their day for self-care. The holistic range includes a Perineal Balm and calming spray, as well as the Postpartum Herbal Bath Soak. Wellness becomes so important when your body has been through a huge event like pregnancy and childbirth. MBH craft incredible beauty products that bring you back to your body. They also provide access to free tailored specialist support to women who find it hard to access it.


SoKind develops formulas grounded in principles of purity and sustainability to create natural and hypoallergenic skincare. They provide the highest level of efficacy to nurture and protect sensitive baby skin and the mature skin of mothers. Compounds they banished from their products include; alcohol, fragrance, animal-derived ingredients, acetone, and dyes. They have also created stunning sustainable packaging to reduce our ecological footprint. All their boxes are made in eco-friendly FSC-certified boards that are 100% biodegradable. Bottles are made in endlessly recyclable glass, recyclable PET, and biodegradable bioplastic extracted from renewable and sustainably farmed sugarcane.

Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums So Kind
Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil


You can’t go wrong with an evergreen like Weleda. The brand was founded in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory, however today it is a world-leading manufacturer of certified natural personal care. Their nourishing oils use natural, soothing plant extracts, including organic calendula and chamomile, gentle essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang and orange. All products are free from synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. They never use raw materials derived from mineral oils, such as petroleum or paraffin, which form a film over the skin rather than caring for it. The range caters for mothers and babies alike, through to childhood.

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Eternal Skincare

The gentle and skin conditioning properties of their natural skincare range are ideal for mums-to-be and babies. Eternal Skincare’s moisturisers are gentle but powerful enough to keep both mums’ and babies’ skin soft and supple. Their Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser is rich in organic (pesticide and chemical-free) Aloe Vera, as well as other mild and soothing natural ingredients. It includes vitamins, antioxidants and essential plant extracts, all formulated to be safe to use on the most tender and sensitive skin. It will help counter stretch marks, provide a safe and gentle cream to soothe baby eczema and take the sting out of nappy rash.

Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums Eternal Skincare
Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums Omum Pregnancy Skincare


Omum is the pregnancy-safe skincare and cosmetics brand designed to care for skin during and after pregnancy. Its award-winning organic and vegan certified line of products for expectant mothers includes the Ma Protection Joli Teint. This is the perfect tinted moisturising day cream with a sun protection factor of 50 that is formulated to counteract the formation of pigmentary abnormalities, a common issue in pregnancy due to increased hormones. Mineral filters are free from nanotechnology and offer broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. While aloe vera, glycerin, and oils obtained from argan, sesame, and jojoba hydrate and nourish the skin. Natural pigments conceal any minor unevenness and ensure a perfect, streak-free finish and no white cast.

Mama Baby Bliss 

Mama Baby Bliss started together with the birth of its founder Justina Perry’s first daughter Natasha. Having experience a blooming pregnancy and a very blasé attitude to birth, Justine felt totally unprepared for what was to come. After a very traumatic labour, she was diagnosed with postnatal depression. With the birth of her second child, she was made redundant, finding herself at breaking point. She decided she wanted to do something that would help women and prevent them from having the same experience so she launched Mama Baby Bliss. In 2014, championed by her fellow teacher and MamaBabyBliss Training Director Vanessa Taylor, they also began training the NHS staff. Today they offer incredible beauty products, classes, treatments and training dedicated to pregnancy, mothers and babies.

Natural Pregnancy Skincare For Expectant Mums Mama Baby Bliss Pulse Point Oil

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