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From celebrating International Women’s Day to enjoying Spring, our monthly newsletter contains everything you need to know for March.

It looks like Spring might finally be here, and with it a hope for a way out of lockdown in the UK. Moods feel lifted and we can begin to get back to some sort of normality. The world keeps turning so as ever we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, and we prepare for Spring. Whether that means reviving your wardrobe or your skin, it’s certainly not business as usual but it’s close. 

March Newsletter SABINNA joins Reture

Sabinna x Reture 

Do you long to give an old treasure new life in your wardrobe but don’t have the confidence to have a go yourself? Reture has a global network of different fashion designers who are available to upcycle your clothes. Not only that but the rosta of designers is incredible. SABINNA is the latest brand to sign up to join names like E.L.V. DENIM, Patrick McDowell, Olivia Rubens, We-Resonate and Manon Planche. Simply register and find a designer you like before reaching out, they’ll take care of the rest.

AHA Toners

After months of winter lockdown our skin is looking a bit dull and dry. Why not revive it with a dose of AHA. A toner containing an Alpha Hydroxy Acid cleanses your skin of dead cells, chemically exfoliating them away to reveal brighter skin with refined pores. Don’t let the word chemical put you off, these are all naturally derived to be gentle.

Small Sustainable Business Spotlight : Dynasty George Kickstarter

If whimsical romance is your go to style then you’ll love Dynasty George. Designer and founder Dynasty produces her smocked, ruched and tiered dresses herself in Brooklyn, New York, using linens and deadstock cottons. Her new Spring collection, available now to pre order also uses cotton woven by artisans in a small workshop in India. On March 9th, Dynasty George launches their first kickstarter in order to sell pre orders and raise money for Dynasty to visit the workshop in India. 

March Newsletter Dynasty George Kickstarter Campaign

Underwear Brands That Offer Inclusive Shades

Finding your shade of ‘nude’ shouldn’t be hard, it is 2021 afterall! But some lingerie brands are woefully underprepared to cater to a variety of skin tones. We’ve found a few brands that are offering options. And they are all responsible, using natural fabrics and conscious manufacturing.

March Newsletter International Women's Day #PowerToChange

Women for women international’s #PowerToChange

This International Women’s Day, Women For Women International are launching a new global campaign #PowerToChange. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, women have been disproportionately affected by lockdown regulations. #PowerToChange celebrates the power of women to challenge the anger felt during this time into positive change. Share your voice or support their digital event on March 4th. Register to attend here. You can also help by signing their #PowerToChange Commitment.

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