Cashmere Jumpers to Invest In

Image: Misha Nonoo

Cashmere is a total must for any wardrobe, it’s timelessly chic appeal means that it’s worth buying good quality, ethically produced and sourced cashmere. Here are the best cashmere jumpers to invest in.

Why Should I invest in Cashmere?

Not only is it timeless, but there’s something about the delicate, softness of cashmere that makes it something quite special. This is because it is a naturally occurring fibre, produced by Cashmere goats. It’s very breathable but also insulating so it’s as good in winter as it is in spring.

The fibre starts life as a soft under layer grown by the cashmere goat to keep it warm in the winter. In spring, when this extra hair is no longer needed, the goats are combed to remove the cashmere. It takes one goat, 4 years to produce enough of this fibre to create one jumper. So when cashmere jumpers look a little pricey it’s because the fibres are scarce. They are also crucial to small goat herding communities in Northern China and Mongolia, who raise the goats and sell the precious cashmere fibres. In addition, we now know that with the recent popularity of cashmere, these herds have grown exponentially, meaning that the land has been decimated by overgrazing.

It’s never been more important to protect the Cashmere Goat, the Herders and the land on which they all live together. That’s why we don’t believe in cheap cashmere. Sometimes cashmere is cheap because it has been mixed with synthetic fibres or wool. So it’s always best to check the label for the fabric composition details. We guarantee that any good quality cashmere jumper is an investment that you won’t regret. Here are some of our favourites.

Cashmere Jumpers to Invest in

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