How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

If your New Year’s resolution is to spend less time worrying about what to wear then you need to read this article. We take a deep dive and find out how to build a capsule wardrobe.

You know the feeling, right before leaving the house, of deep indecision over what to wear? It’s even worse when it’s  for a special occasion. Now try to imagine a more streamlined wardrobe for yourself, one that takes the hassle out of choosing a decent outfit. A few well chosen pieces, of the right size, perfectly fitting, that suit your figure and lifestyle. Everything clean, hung up neatly and ready to go? Sounds unreal? Many people are already experiencing the benefits of a capsule closet. What might seem like just a good old tidy up is actually a lifestyle change in disguise. A change that will help you gain time and also will save you a small fortune. 

De Clutter

We accumulate so many things throughout our lifetime, and for whatever reasons we choose to hold on to them. Whether it’s because we spent a lot of money on those things, or we feel like we may be able to use them at a future point in life? There are some red flags we can take notice of. When picking an outfit becomes too hard, and we realise that many of the things we own, we don’t love: let’s remind ourselves that being in love, just “okay” it’s not enough. Re-calibrating the way we think about shopping is an intriguing challenge, and the reward is worthwhile: knowing who made your clothes. Having a dialogue with your possessions will make you feel confident and authentic, it makes it all worth it. 

The first step, both physically and mentally, requires a decluttering of what is unnecessary: the sweatpants you have downgraded as homewear, overworn sweaters, jeans you haven’t been wearing in ages. Bye! (Make sure that you dispose of everything suitably. We have some ideas here or visit #lovenotlandfill  for some pointers.)

Put to one side what you haven’t been wearing in the past 6 months. You’ll find out that if you didn’t need them in that time, it’s because you can live without them for longer still. Be realistic about what you wear to work, at the weekend, or to events. Do you even attend many events? If so, you probably don’t need 5 evening dresses! Identify what you wear most regularly and concentrate on these pieces. 

Capsule Wardrobe Building Blocks

How To Get Started

Defining your style is the other fundamental step to re-build your closet. If you know that high waisted styles aren’t your thing, why insist on keeping that pair of bra grazing flares? Vice versa, are you drawn to vintage design or modern cuts? Why are you hoping that one day you’ll love those tight skinny jeans again? Usually, 30 items (plus lingerie and accessories) are more than enough for a minimal closet. If you think that’s too drastic, start with say 50 and keep whittling down until you reach your goal. 

Another super important step is to invest in well made, timeless pieces. For ideas we have added our favourites below. They will never go out of fashion, and are known for being extremely versatile. Quality fabrics are a must, and so is a good cut and fit. These pieces will cost more than cheap high street design of course, so make little investments when you can. Invest in wool and cashmere for winter and linen, cotton and silk for summer. Choosing a good outfit will be less tricky as there are not bad options. You will feel less time pressure, and be more comfortable with what you’re wearing. Nothing is more cringe than a risky outfit we don’t feel comfortable in. 

In redefining your style, and your taste, you’ll discover  what you actually like, and what you actually don’t like. You always knew in the back of your head that wonderful silk dress fits you strangely, so move it on. Maybe you’ll  find out that neutral tones are your thing, or that you feel instead that grey is making you feel too understated. 

A minimalist closet helps to maintain clarity of mind on who we are, what we do, what we love. It helps us to feel that our life is under control from the moment we leave the house giving us a real boost of happiness and confidence. 


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