High Waisted Bikinis For Summer Vacations

Image: Fisch Swimwear

You may be considering your upcoming Summer holiday, and if you’re lucky enough to be on your way to the beach, you’ll need a gorgeous bikini. We’ve put together our favourite high waisted bikinis for Summer vacations.

For anyone that feels a little exposed in a string bikini, the high waisted style is a perfect medium. The 50’s style briefs act like control pants, supporting and holding your butt and stomach. They create a beautiful silhouette and mean you are more covered. Many can also be purchased seperatley to the top meaning you can mix and match colours or sizes. Choose a good quality style that will last, you can’t go wrong with any of the following styles. Don’t forget to treat your bikini kindly. Wash it in cold water by hand (if using a washing machine, make sure to use a Guppy Friend washing bag to ensure you don’t release micro plastics into the water). Dry them outside if you can but not in direct sunshine as over time this bleaches and degrade the fabric.

High Waisted Bikinis

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