Eco friendly resolutions for 2021

Why not start 2021 with a few good intentions? We’re making our resolutions eco friendly because what could be a better change than one thats good for the planet?

Everyone has their own approach to channelling the Energy of renewal that starting a new fresh year brings. Those that are averse to making New Year’s resolutions have good reasons. 2021 is already off to a less than ideal start with another national lockdown in the UK which will inevitably follow with more job losses and businesses closures. Why put pressure on yourself when you’re already feeling overwhelmed? When external circumstances are affecting our chances of getting things done, whats the point in making a change?

Setting Sustainable Resolutions

This doesn’t mean we have to be cynical and pessimistic about the new year. However this year, we want to set sustainable resolutions. Keep in mind that everything is a circle and there is always a dynamic of cause-effect. So why not opt for resolutions that are accessible, simple, and rewarding? And it seems we aren’t alone. New research from environmental charity Hubbub, which surveyed 3,000 adults in the UK, shows that 1 in 6 people are making a New Year’s resolution to reduce their impact on the environment. This ranked higher than resolutions about romantic relationships and hobbies (!).

Out of the group questioned, top of the list was recycling better. This was followed by eating less meat (49%), cycling/walking more for shorter journeys (38%) and wasting less food (36%). 34% of those making an environmental New Year’s resolution plan to buy less “unnecessary stuff”. This theme was echoed when people were asked what the top priorities for companies and brands should be. The top three were asks were:

  • To stop making and selling products that nobody actually needs
  • Produce products that are designed to last
  • Stop putting pressure on consumers to buy things we don’t need

All of this is music to our ears but how can we make resolutions we’ll actually stick to? Don’t be general and don’t overreach. One small change is likely to be more effective than an overhaul of your entire lifestyle. Once you gain confidence with your first small change, see where you can make more improvements. Remember that in order for a resolution to be sustainable, you need to keep it up. 

The Vendeur’s Eco Friendly New Years Resolutions

Eco friendly resolutions for 2021 Buy local produce

Buy Locally Grown Food

Every year millions of tonnes of emissions are created from shipping and flying our food to us. Everything from avocados to bananas and even our fish and lamb is imported. Not only is this contributing to global warming but local British producers are suffering as they are undercut by cheaper producers overseas. Farmers markets are great ways to show your support for locally produced food. You’ll find everything from organic fruit and veg, to free range meat and freshly baked goods and locally produced cheeses. While it’s not always the most affordable option, just pledge to buy one thing locally and sacrifice the things that aren’t. That means no more avocados. Or why not support cafes or pubs and restaurants who support local growers and producers?

Turn Off Your Devices After Dinner

It’s probably one of the best times in history to not check the news before going to sleep. It’s hard we know, bad news can be addictive. Social media too is scientifically proven to be addictive. Logging on and scrolling leads to the production of an actual hormone, dopamine, which helps us feel pleasure. No wonder you find yourself constantly checking in and doing it late at night isn’t helping you get a restful sleep. Plus the blue light emitted by screens is damaging to our eyes and skin. Do yourself a favour, after dinner, switch off your devices. If it’s too much of a drastic change, try to start by adopting this habit three days a week. And by switch them off, we really mean it. Even in sleep mode, devices are still drawing electricity from the grid. By turning your laptop off at night you are saving 40 watts every day, and if you keep it as a general habit for your phone, tv etc., you can save 10% from your electricity bill. 

Eco friendly resolutions for 2021 Turn Of your device
Eco friendly resolutions for 2021 share unwanted food

Share your food 

As we experience yet another lockdown, one of the things we are missing the most is having a lovely meal with our friends or family. Not only was it a great way to socialise but if everyone chips in, it’s a money saver too. Instead of a dinner party, next time you have food or leftovers you won’t consume, share them instead of throwing them in the bin. Would your busy neighbour appreciate last nights pasta? Or maybe a new mother would be overwhelmed by that pie you baked but won’t finish. Olio is a handy app that links you up with people in your area who are looking to share food. Search for food going spare, or advertise those tins of beans you bought but have realised you won’t get round to using. 


Conserve water

Whilst in the West we are lucky enough to have supplies of fresh running water, we shouldn’t take it for granted. So be mindful of your usage. Even something like turning off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth is something that can make a change in the long term. Do you have any leaking pipes? Take some time to fix them. Or update old hardware if it regularly drips. How long do you actually spend in the shower? Be honest, it may be too long. Set a timer to ensure you don’t loose track and use more water than you needed. Try not to exceed 5 minute if you shower 5 times a week. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, collect rainwater for your flowers instead of using a hosepipe.

Eco friendly resolutions for 2021 Save water have shorter showers
Eco friendly resolutions for 2021 Bolt Beauty waste free beauty

Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Bolt Beauty have recently launched a campaign encouraging people to make one sustainable switch. Their groundbreaking skincare range aims to reduce the 100 million travel minis that are disposed of each year. Biodegradable capsules arrive in compostable bags to be housed in your own jars or you can purchase jars from Bolt. next time you purchase a showergel or shampoo to travel, consider decanting what you already have in your bathroom into bottles or jars. Refill shops are becoming more common so find your nearest one and reuse old bottles instead of throwing them away. We also love beauty bars that come in biodegradable packaging. From skincare bars to shampoo bars, the choice these days is amazing, as well as effective.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for professional health advice. We make every effort to ensure we only recommend safe products however you should always do a patch test when trying new products. This post may contain affiliate links. All images courtesy of Pexels

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