Back to Basics: Best Straight Leg Jeans

As part of our ‘Back to Basics’ series, we are shining a spotlight on great wardrobe staples that are made to last, because timeless basics are the most sustainable pieces you can buy.

Denim often forms the basis of many of our most loved outfits. Finding the best pair of jeans can be tough therefore we recommend trying as many different brands and styles as possible to find your dream fit. Straight leg jeans are a universal suits all style thanks to their cut and build. Choose a mid to high rise to ensure that they flatter your waist and hips. When it comes to length, a cropped style is a great contemporary choice, while a regular length offers a little more practicality when it comes to keeping your ankles warm. It’s well worth investing in a good quality pair, made from organic cotton and from a brand that considers energy consumption throughout the production process. Making jeans can be a very energy intensive process which isn’t kind to the planet.

Tips on trend led dressing:

Denim fits nicely with the Wild West trend we observed on the catwalks. Pair with a prairie blouse and ankle length cowboy boots to get yourself in the mood.

Tips on Caring for your jeans

  • Don’t wash your jeans too often, if at all. Denim was designed to be hard wearing and constant washing simply wears them out.
  • Spot cleaning is an ideal way to ensure your jeans look great between washes. Use anything from water to a little white vinegar or salt to gently lift out the stain, depending on the strength needed. Don’t forget to rinse.
  • If you decide to put your jeans in the wash, remember to turn them inside out to preserve the dye.
  • Hand washing is recommended, or a cool, gentle wash cycle will preserve the dye and the shape.
  • Leave denim to air dry after washing or spot cleaning. It gives them an airing to keep them smelling fresh, plus its kinder to the environment.

Best Straight Leg Jeans

We love straight leg jeans without the stretch, they just don’t need it. This pair from Weekday is made from a classic heavy, non stretch cotton. And washed to be the perfect shade of vintage black. Great for weekends, worn with a hoodie and sneakers.

Why create new denim when we already throw so much of it away. Fashion Stylist Anna Foster sources vintage denim and splices pairs together to create unique one of a kind styles. Every discerning fashionista has a pair, and we don’t blame them. E.L.V Denim describes itself as zero waste, they even create adorable hair accessories out of their offcuts.

Crafted from organic cotton and recycled fibres, the wash is created using lasers. The straight Mimi’s are the perfect Mom jeans. Plus after you’re done wearing them, you can send them back to be recycled by Mud who will give you a discount on your next pair.

What do you get when you infuse Cali cool with the most sustainable denim manufacturing techniques? You get these flattering jeans from Boyish! Founder Jordan Nodarse is passionate about innovation and it truly shows in the quality of every pair of Boyish Jeans. Not only is he using large amounts of recycled materials but he works hard to reduce energy consumption across all his factories.

If they’re good enough for Meghan Markle and Leonardo Dicaprio, they’re good enough for us! Outland denim boasts an impressive ethical manufacturing process. Namely because they employ and retrain young women who have been caught up in human trafficking. Their message is one of empowerment, plus the jeans are very wearable.

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