Anti Pollution Skin Care Guide

Anti Pollution has become a buzz word in beauty industry in the last few years and there is good reason why. Whether you live in the city or the country, it’s tough to escape the relentless daily barrage of UV and pollution damage. Help is at hand, in this guide we explore anti pollution products and practical tips to help you and your skin recover.

After the hot summer and with the recent shift in temperatures comes the inevitable dulling of the complexion. Your skin and hair has probably taken quite a battering. Those enjoyable dry clear days were the perfect environment for toxins in the air created by pollution to do their dirty work. Free radicals are drying for skin, therefore it can become sensitive and easily irritated. Daily exposure to airborne toxins damages skin cells, inevitably they’ve been linked to premature ageing and skin conditions such as eczema.
Those looking to beauty products to treat pollution as a specific area of concern are in luck. A large array of anti pollution formulas are available across the board. The jury is out on whether targeted anti pollution products actually work or whether a simple but thorough skincare regime does the same job. With that in mind, here are some tips and products to help you address pollution concerns. 

#vendeurbeauty tips on combating pollution damage

  • Wear an SPF – even though the sun doesn’t feel as strong as it did a few months ago, its still very important to wear a good broad spectrum SPF that protects against UVA. This is because your skin’s protection has become compromised by pollution, sun protection has never been so important!
  • Drink lots of water – a fairly obvious one but it works. Combat skin dryness by staying hydrated throughout the day. 2 Litres of filtered water should do the trick.
  • A good thorough cleanse – cleaning all of the dirt, sunscreen and make up from your face at the end of the day (or ideally as soon as you get home) removes the offending nasties from your skin so it can start to rejuvenate itself. We recommend a hot or warm cloth cleanse to really get all that gunk off.
  • Eat your antioxidants – berries, tomatoes and green tea are all great things to get more of into your diet. And… wait for it, dark chocolate. But we’re talking seriously dark chocolate. Go 70% and up or go home.
  • Look for antioxidants in your skincare – essential for fighting free radical damage, choose products with vitamin C and E, green tea and niacinamide.