How To Care For Your Hands

We’re all washing our hands more, but while we’re warding off germs, our skin’s health is suffering. We take a look at a few simple ways to take care of your hands.

We’re all paying extra attention to the hygiene of our hands (did we already remind you to wash them? Well, please do!) However, we are introducing efficient bacteria killing but harsh chemicals into our routine. At the same time, we’re all realising how the frequent use of hand soap and most of all, hand sanitiser, are making our hands feel dry and often irritated. Soft skin and shiny nails are not a priority right now, we know – but we also know that taking care of them will help maintain healthier, stronger skin. 

Once you have washed them properly, make sure you dry your hands carefully by using a cotton towel. Using hot and hard water is likely to actually enhance dryness. Moisturising is mandatory, and hand moisturiser is the new lip balm. We don’t know which conspiracy is behind this but hand moisturizers always smell amazing! However choose yours carefully, some essential oils can be very irritating. So if you have sensitive skin give them a miss. Make sure your option contains no alcohol too. Once you have some time – whether you’re in self isolation, working from home or finally enjoying the weekend – a nourishing mask will allow you to recover from the frequent washing and damage. Before going to sleep and after applying your favourite moisturizer, you can apply an oil that will lock the hydration in. Use an oil that isn’t dry such as coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter or Argan oil. Tamanu oil is great at helping to recover chapped skin. Pop on a pair of cotton gloves to allow the product to do it’s work.

You don’t have to give up your manicure, but since your hands are more ‘stressed’ than usual, it’s smart to opt for natural nuances. Instead stick to helping your nails look fabulous naturally. Dipping your nails in olive oil for 10 minutes is a Mediterranean secret to healthy, unbreakable nails. Make sure to take care of your cuticles too. Some people might trim them, but right now you can avoid it as that sensitive part of your fingers would be easily irritated. Practicality first! In our favourites round-up we have listed our go-to choices – natural and kind to the planet, ca va sans dire.

Best Hand Care Products

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