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Celebrating ethical brands is what we do best. Here are our picks for the most amazing, not to mention ethical jewellery brands for 2021.

Whether you live for the bling or to you less is more, one thing is certain, investing in timeless jewellery always makes sense. If it’s ethical and sustainable then that’s even better. The ethical jewellery industry is having a real moment. This is mostly because customers are now expecting and demanding transparency. From traceable stones, to eco friendly manufacturing and fair wages, the jewellery industry has a huge part to play. Luckily jewellery is a long lasting item. Stones can be reset, metal can be melted down and reimagined. However in the more price accessible space of ‘demi fine’ jewellery, best practise isn’t always observed. With this in mind, we have edited a round-up of our favourite brands for 2021. Including those that use lab-grown diamonds, vintage jewellery and recycled materials, there’s a choice for every single taste. 

Ethical Jewellery For 2021

Ethical Jewellery Brands for 2021 Kimaï


 Kimaï is the lab-grown diamond brand that combines this excitingly ethical production process while using existing materials, like their 18k recycled gold. To them, using lab-grown diamonds, means to control the whole process so there are no unknown factors. While creating gems that are physically and chemically identical to those that are mined, they are graded and certified just like natural diamonds. Their service is made to order, with all pieces being handmade in Antwerp, traditionally the diamond capital of the world. They work closely with trusted artisans; goldsmiths, polishers and setters – to provide the comfort of knowing where the materials come from. Meghan Markle is a fan, sporting, on more than one occasion, her favourite droplet earrings by the brand. Now if that isn’t a seal of approval we don’t know what is!

MATILDE Jewellery

Matilde Faria Mourinho Felix was fully aware of the devastating impact material sourcing can have on some of the planet’s most fragile ecosystems and communities. It’s from this awareness that she founded MATILDE Jewellery. This new sustainable brand is mindful of its environmental impact and the importance of having items that are financially accessible to consumers. After all, how will we change the system if only a few can participate? Finding this balance led her to recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. The diamonds are grown in Antwerp meaning they are local as well as fully traceable. The gold is sourced via SCS certified suppliers, meaning that all of the materials are sourced responsibly and ethically. By cutting out intermediaries, they can keep the pieces “as affordable, sustainable, and accessible as they possibly can be”.

Ethical Jewellery Brands for 2021 Matilde Jewellery
Ethical Jewellery Brands for 2021 Kaleidoscope Beauty

Kaleidoscope Beauty 

Kaleidoscope Beauty showcases Africa’s beauty through contemporary, handcrafted, statement jewellery. Their mission is to alleviate multi-generational poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa through creativity in a sustainable way. The pieces are hand-made by Kenyan artisans, from young mothers to reformed criminals and street boys. All faced with the burden of multi-generational poverty, a lack of sanitation, and the harsh realities of living in the slums. Having been brought up in the UK, its founder Umutoni Thuku-Benzinge wanted to valorise her East African roots being both Kenyan and Rwandan. The pieces are made from gold plated brass in two slums. Kibera is the largest urban slum on the African continent and Baba Dogo, on the fringes of Nairobi. Artisans are taught new skills and paid fairly, ensuring that the wealth created by Kaleidoscope Beauty, is shared where it’s needed most. Not to mention empowering a generation of people to up skill improve their lives.


PI London has developed the beautiful concept of ‘bringing antique pieces into the 21st century’. What’s more sustainable than vintage jewellery? These statement pieces are naturally good for the planet, as sustainability is all about extending the life of existing pieces. Jewellery is notoriously long living, and as trends reappear, it makes sense to source your jewels directly from the period you love. Its founder Isobel Procter wants to disrupt the current interpretation of ‘antiques’. Her mother was an antique’s dealer herself, and Isobel wanted to bring that same appreciation and make it accessible to a broader public. In her own words, forget the ‘dusty old shops or elitist auction houses’. She is determined “to give antiques a ‘facelift for the modern consumer’. Each collection is themed, allowing you to explore the amazing curation that Isobel herself puts together. But as they are one of a kind, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Sindio Khumalo Sustainable Brands to watch for 2021
Oshadi Sustainable Brands to watch for 2021

Bij Fior 

Bij Fior is a newly launched digital portal for sustainable luxury jewellery. The pieces are showstoppers or exclusive to Bij Fior, which cherry-picks each of the jewels you can purchase online. This rare fine jewellery online shopping experience is backed up by relationships with exceptionally gifted small independent jewellers, who have made their works of art exclusive to Bij Fior. It was recently launched by Rachel Feibusch, who made the environmental impact of the pieces showcased a central focus. She concentrates on supporting small independent fine jewellery brands, family owned and local businesses, who craft the pieces with durability and timelessness in mind. ​​​Bij Fior carbon offsets all deliveries to ensure that products arrive with the clients in a conscious way and use fully recyclable packaging.


Yala is the vision of Audrey Migot-Adholla, Founder and CEO. Born in Kenya and based in Bristol, UK with her husband, Audrey splits her time between the two countries. The brand is named after the town in Kenya where her grandmother lived. Yala Jewellery is the first jewellery brand in the UK to achieve Certified B Corporation® status. All their raw materials are sourced ethically, focusing on recycled and reclaimed elements, and each piece is fully traceable, from design to delivery. Using versatile and eco-friendly brass as an ethical alternative to gold, their artisans source the brass from a variety of places, including waste facilities. It is then melted, poured and hammered by hand. Their reclaimed cow horn is sourced from local farms where it would otherwise be thrown away. The dust leftover after grinding and shaping the horn is used as fertilizer. Packaging has been designed to eliminate plastic and reduce any unnecessary material. Even the ring boxes are unvarnished and 100% biodegradable! Learn more about Yala from Audrey herself when we spoke to her for our podcast Style With Substance.

Ethical Jewellery Brands for 2021 Yala Jewellery

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