Christmas Gift Guide: For The Conscious Beauty Lover

A generic beauty gift set won’t cut it for skincare buffs with ethical intentions. They only use clean and earth friendly products. This is our Christmas Gift Guide For the Conscious Beauty Lover. 

The conscious beauty lover has an eye for aesthetics and and for the planet. They know beauty comes within, that improvement takes time and effort, and clean beauty is a lifestyle. You can show up with the latest trendy lipstick, and they won’t be impressed. But don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you. From holistic serums to natural lipgloss, multitasking tinted serums and eco facials, it’s all here. 

Disclaimer: The people and models in the images featured are not associated with The Vendeur and do not endorse it or the products shown. This post may contain affiliate links. Prices correct at time of publishing.

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