Best Ethical Leather Handbags

Image: Okapi

Is there such a thing as a ‘conscious leather’ handbag? It’s a big question but we think we’ve found some great options that are stylish as well as made with care.

Not long after we ran down our favourite Vegan leather handbags we started thinking about real leather options. Is it possible to produce an ethical leather bag? Of course, when we break down the many meanings of the word ‘ethical’, we are faced with a variety of ideas. Was the leather sourced from by product or recycled? Was it tanned without the use of harmful dyes? Were the people who made your bag treated fairly and paid well? It’s important to pinpoint what is important to you when choosing your bag. Unfortunately not a lot of brands can tick the box of being truly ethical but we think the brands below have made a really wonderful impact.

Okapi’s bags aren’t just luxurious, they are 100% traceable thanks to an incredible network of artisans, farmers and craftspeople in South Africa. The bags are made from ethically sourced materials, many that would often be discarded if it weren’t for Okapi’s intervention.

Anna Walker’s architectural designs are also created from by product hides. She only uses vegetable dyes which is much kinder to the craftspeople involved and to the planet than chromium dyes. Her bags are timeless, so make for a perfect investment piece.

Aagé’s goal is to make sustainability a beautiful choice. And we think they’ve succeded with this stylish cross body. The bags are made from Italian Dani Leather, a world leading tannery regarding social and environmental impact.

Everlane practises radical transparency, so you can see exactly where your bag was made and how much it cost to make. Their designs are all classics, so all you have to worry about is deciding which colour to choose. 

Taylor Yates is proud to be made in Britain. The family run business works with an ethically approved factory with amazing social responsibility initiatives in Ethiopia. The company also supports Women for Women International programmes working with victims of war. 

We’re already big fans of Maxine’s beautiful footwear so we were really excited to learn that she is launching her first bag. Crafted with the same care and attention to detail as her shoes, this design led style is a must for Spring. 

Named after a road in East London where all it’s bags are made, Paradise Row are unique in that they are London made. Each bag tells a story. This green Buddha bag is inspired by East London’s Buddist centre. 

Behno is on a mission to improve the quality of life experienced by their workers. Evidenced by their name, Behno means sisters in Hindi. They support social mobility, worker empowerment and family planning programmes in India. 

Looking for exquisitly produced handbags at an affordable price point with social responsibility at it’s core? For every bag sold, Demellier gives a life saving vaccine to a child as part of their A Bag, A Life initiative. 

Lovia’s bags are created from Nordic Elk leather, a by product of biodiversity control in the country. Each bag carries a unique code, meaning you can track it’s journey through the supply chain. So not only are they innovative, we love the design led styles like this wristlet bag.

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