Back to Basics: Best Roll Neck Jumpers

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As part of our weekly ‘Back to Basics’ series, we are shining a spotlight on great wardrobe staples that are made to last. Because timeless basics are the most sustainable pieces you can buy.

As the temperature begins to drop, we’re starting to think about simple ways to stay warm. A roll neck is a perfect place to start. This is because it works well as a foundation for any outfit and suits a lot of body shapes. As a wardrobe staple, we recommend choosing a plain style in a neutral colour like black, navy or cream. However if you regularly wear a brighter hue then go for any colour that you know will work well in your existing wardrobe. Texture is really the place to have fun here. Ribbed, slim line or cable knit all work well and are pretty timeless choices. A slimline or ribbed style is ideal for layering, cable knit and chunky knits are perfect to wear on their own.

Tips on Trend led dressing:

Choose a style in beige, tan or brown as a nod to the seasons love of Brown. Pair with a neat trouser suit or under a corduroy dress to replicate the looks we’ve seen on the catwalk. Image: Pinterest

Tips on caring for your knitwear:

  • Hand washing on a cool temperature is best because it maintains the wool’s delicate structure. Use a gentle hand washing soap for this.
  • Air drying is preferable, it uses less energy and means your knits won’t shrink. Lay them on a flat surface instead of hanging them as the fibres are likely to stretch when wet.
  • Store your jumpers folded in a draw. Don’t hang them as this stretches the delicate wool fibres.
  • Ensure you have anti moth protection, we love popping bags of dried lavender in our draws to deter the little buggers. You can also store knits in bags while they aren’t being worn.
  • Wool naturally bobbles with wear. You can remove them with a special de bobbler, or we use scissors or razors, depending on the thickness of the sweater/wool fibres.

Best Roll Neck Jumpers

Navia Bodysuit, £‌80, Reformation

The slim line look of this elegant black bodysuit means its perfect for transitional dressing and layering.

We love this oversized roll neck jumper with this funnel neck. It’s ideal for curling up in or with classic suit trousers for a more elegant feel.

Organic cotton funnel-neck sweatshirt, £90.00, Ninety Percent

For a really timeless choice, we love this cashmere wool blend ribbed knit. The subtle details on the cuffs give it a special something.

The oversized fit of this sweater means it would look great loosely tucked into high waisted jeans or a skirt. And it’s the perfect shade of grey.

Oversized Ribbed Tunic, £89, Arket

You can’t go wrong with a basic black style this season. Pair with your favourite tailored trousers and throw a coat over your shoulders to look effortlessly chic.

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