Back To Basics: Blue Silk Shirt

Image: Hanna Fiedler

As part of our regular Back to Basics series, we shine a spotlight on great wardrobe staples that are made to last. because We believe timeless pieces are the most sustainable clothes you can buy.

An elegant silk blouse is a must in every wardrobe. We particularly love them in varying shades of blue because it’s a great stylish alternative to black. When you’ve found a style that flatters you, we promise that it will become your go to for effortless smart dressing. Tuck it loosely into tailored trousers to add a feminine twist to your look. Or pair it with your favourite blue jeans to upgrade your denim.

The benefits of silk are endless. As a natural fibre it is breathable in warm weather, and insulating when it gets a bit colder. It’s also hypoallergenic so it’s perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. It’s ideal for packing as it is lightweight and rolls up to be very compact. However if you are vegan or keen to keep your wardrobe cruelty free there are a few points to note. Silk is made from the cocoons of silkworms. In order to extract the best quality threads, the worms are usually gassed or boiled, killing the silkworm. Therefore allowing the cocoon to be removed whole. A cruelty free alternative to classic silk is Peace or Ahimsa silk. It is collected from the Eri Moth once it has emerged from it’s cocoon and flown away. 

Tips on Caring for your Silk
  • Whilst usually it is advisable to dry clean, most silks can be hand washed. If you’re unsure, try a small water test first to check.
  • Stains can usually be spot cleaned. Try Laundress’ Stain Solution, £13.69. 
  • Hand wash the items in a clean bowl or sink. Use cold water and a little detergent and don’t soak for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Use a detergent suitable for such a delicate fabric. Try Tangent’s Delicate Detergent, £10 from COS
  • Silk can also be washed in a machine but invest in a net bag to protect the delicate fabric. Wash at the lowest temperate and the lowest spin setting.
  • To dry, lay your shirt out flat. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight as this may cause discolouration. Never put silk in a tumble dryer!
  • Hang your silk on a padded hanger if the piece is light, to avoid stretching in the shoulders.
  • If you are putting it away for the season, fold the clean item and store it in a breathable cotton bag. Take suitable moth prevention precautions using cedar balls or lavender sachets.
  • Revitalise your silk using a hand held steamer held a few centimetres away from the fabric. You can also hang it up while you shower, the steam will release any creases.


How to wear your blue silk shirt

Tucked nonchalantly into denim and paired with sandals it makes an effortless weekend outfit. If you want to be more work appropriate, tuck it fully into a pencil skirt and roll up the sleeves. Team with an elegant heel and handbag.

Image: Pinterest

Best Silk Shirts

Hanna Fiedler creates timeless pieces that are honest and luxurious. She only works with British and Italian sourced natural fabrics that are biodegradable. This top is reversible so is two styles in one. Perfect for a capsule wardrobe.

We love the neat collar on this beautifully tailored shirt by Varana. The eye catching cobalt tone of the shirt is very versatile. it works particularly well paired with statement gold jewellery and brocade. 

For a touch of ladylike elegance, this pussy bow style from The Row is a great option. Wear it with a trouser suit or a line skirt and boots for a contemporary workwear look. 

Bozena Jankowska crafts her pieces in London using end of roll fabrics. Her retro take on a classic can be seen in the exaggerated collar and blouse sleeves. Wear beneath a pinafore dress or with flared jeans to nod to it’s vintage feel.

Everlane’s ‘Clean Silk‘ shirt is a great everyday style. The tailored cut and white buttons make it a great option for work or the weekend. The US based company use Bluesign approved dyes and energy efficient factories to make their shirts. So they really are biodegradable. 

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