Apps to Help You Shop More Organically

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 Shopping organically can be time consuming and expensive. Fear not, we have found 6 exciting apps to help you shop more organically.

 When you’re shopping for groceries at your health food store or a farmers market near you, are you doing your best to choose natural, organic foods and ingredients? Not only are organic products beneficial for our health but they are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. So organic is good for people and the planet. However it does come with a few hurdles. It can be time consuming to check each product label when we’re in a rush. How can you optimise the money you spend on organic food if you’re on a budget? Can you access accurate information about a product’s supply chain? Excitingly, there’s an app for that. Would you like to eliminate waste by sharing your organic home-cooked food or leftovers with your neighbours? Theres an app for that too. If you want to celebrate an occasion with natural, chemical free wine, there’s also an app that can help you make an organic toast. Here are 6 apps that will have you happily shopping for organic products from the comfort of home.

Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Makeena App


Makeena is the app that rewards you for buying organic products. Simply download the app and it can help you easily find affordable organic food and eco-friendly products. Being a Certified B Corporation means they’re socially responsible and committed to giving back to environmental nonprofits. As a member of 1% for the Planet they partner with other mindful companies to return 1% of their proceeds to the Earth. You can discover healthy & eco-friendly brands through the app, they then reward you with cash and other perks. With Makeena, you can save on everything from organic produce to sustainable workout wear or toothpaste. Search using a category like; Organic, Sustainable, No GMOs, No Animal Testing, No Artificial Ingredients, just to name a few. The filter also includes options for those who have allergies or food intolerances. You can buy, scan and submit store receipts and product barcodes using the app. This enables you to earn cash and rewards, plus freebies and samples.

Farm Drop

For the demanding foodie, Farm Drop sources food through a network of over 450 producers, expertly chosen for their commitment to producing food to the highest standard of quality and taste. Farmdrop isn’t just for vegans, they also offer responsibly sourced bread and jam, fish and chips, pretty much anything you could want. Make sure to tap ‘Organic’ in the filters, and you’ll have access to the best sustainably produced, organic products. They’re proud to deliver the best tasting organic food efficiently on your doorstep too. Order by midday and you’ll have next-day delivery, hand-delivered by one of their farmdroppers in an electric van. They never send produce by air freight, minimising their carbon footprint.  Farmdrop’s model ensures that farmers are paid a fair price, which allows them to farm more sustainably following environmentally-friendly practices.

Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Farmdrop
Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Olio Food Sharing App


 In 2018 the UK wasted 9.5 million tonnes of food. Not only is this a waste of food, but it’s a great waste of the energy, water and land needed to produce it. OLIO is the food sharing app that connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses. Surplus food can be shared and valorized, not thrown away. This could be food nearing its sell-by date in local stores, spare homegrown vegetables, bread from your baker, or the groceries leftover in your fridge when you go away. To make an item available, simply open the app, add a photo, description, and when and where the item is available for pick-up. Remember to include ‘Organic’ in the filters, when searching specifically for organic food. You can browse the listings available near you to find something unexpected. Request whatever takes your fancy then arrange a pick-up via private messaging. Remember to follow a Covid safe delivery recommendations, and you’re all set! 


Natoora is the app that gives you access to the entire supply chain, not just to organic products. The food system is often hard to decode, with many of us in the dark about how and where our food is grown. Natoora source seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming, protects the land from soil depletion and favours sustainable, nutritionally dense food. They don’t merely rely on the traditional four seasons system, but unique micro seasons for each plant. The app delivers food straight to your home, while they also provide and source fresh produce for many of the best restaurants in the London, NY and Paris. Get daily updates straight from their growers and learn about food transparency. Natoora are also part of The Felix Project, a food charity which collects leftover produce and delivers this surplus food to 198 charities across London. Since 2016, they have donated in excess of 105,000kg of fresh produce to them and continue to do so twice a week.

Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Natoora App
Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Riverford organic farmers Box


Riverford is one of the most solid organic food providers in the UK, having been delivering award-winning organic veg boxes for over 30 years. We’re talking about seasonal veg, zero packaging, and delivery is free of charge. All of their box options are 100% organic, but the contents changes every week to celebrate the season’s best products. Via their app, you’ll also have access to hundreds of delicious recipes. None of their food contains artificial pesticides and they never air-freight products to the country. The Riverford farm itself is top rated by Ethical Consumer. They make sure to treat other growers fairly, agreeing on reasonable prices well in advance and always sticking to the these prices, no matter what happens. This ethical practise is crucial to helping organic growers stay in business.

Raisin Natural Wine 

For the wine lover, who doesn’t want the headache, Raisin helps you to source the best natural wines on the market. Natural wine contains one ingredient only – grapes – and occasionally sulphur. They are vibrant wines that avoid the use of chemicals in both the vines and the cellar as well as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Use their map to browse various regions that offer natural wines. It’s manually updated by the Raisin team daily. They have gathered information about restaurants, wine bars and wine shops throughout the world, providing the most comprehensive database dedicated to places offering natural wine. They have already referenced over 1,500 winemakers and their wines, throughout the world. If you know of one that is not included yet, you can simply upload a photo that will be moderated by the Raisin team.

Apps to Help You Shop More Organically Raisin Natural Wine App

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