How to Wear Corduroy for Autumn

Corduroy was once the mainstay of professors and geeks, but we are happy to report that it has enjoyed a renaissance in the last few seasons. We explore how to wear this retro fabric and keep it feeling modern.

With its reassuringly thick but super soft to the touch texture, corduroy is the fabric that time refuses to forget. Its back for Autumn and we can’t get enough of its practicality, especially when it’s available in a rainbow of bright colours! Whilst it can be found in a number of forms; a trouser suit, prairie dress or tough Aline skirt, which colour you pick is up to you. For an elegant take on this trend; black, burgundy and forest green are perfect. However don’t be afraid to play with brighter hues. Cherry red and dusky pink are surprisingly wearable.

#vendeurfashion Tip:

Have fun with colour, bold tones of green, red, pink, yellow and rust help corduroy feel more modern.

A trouser or skirt suit is a very fashion forward nod to this trend. Choose a shape and cut that suits you. For those of us with ‘non high street’ proportions, experiment with separate pieces of a suit for a mix and match effect.

If head to toe corduroy seems a little much, then try a well cut blazer or wide leg pair of trousers instead.

Dress corduroy up with elegant accessories and silk blouses. Or dress down with your favourite vintage band t-shirt and sneakers.

10 Ways to Wear Corduroy for Autumn

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