5 Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Wedding

So you’re hitched! Congratulations. But what are your plans for your wedding dress? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you decide what to do with your wedding dress after the big day.

Why you shouldn’t ‘Trash your Dress’

A new and slightly worrying trend that has made it’s way from the USA over to the UK is ‘trashing your dress’. The idea is that after the stress of planning a wedding you can let off some steam by trashing your wedding dress in an imaginative way and have a photographer record the results for posterity. As big fans of the three R’s (reuse, reduce and recycle) we can’t think of anything more wasteful! Therefore we’ve come up with a variety of uses for your wedding gown so you don’t have to trash it.

Resell it

Many a thrifty Bride is on the lookout for a gently used wedding dress. Ebay is a popular choice but make sure you can trust the buyer. Don’t communicate or receive payment outside of the platform. For a safe selling experience, companies such as Bridal Reloved and Bride 2 Bride sell preloved wedding dresses for you. Why not make a bit of your money back and move your dress along to make another Bride’s perfect day.

Dye it

If your dress can be worn again for a party or formal event then why not dye it a different colour? It’s easy to do yourself at home but you can always call in an expert if you aren’t confident in your own abilities.

Have it restyled

With a little imagination there is often a lot of ways to alter a wedding dress to make it a great party dress. Can you change the sleeves? Maybe alter the length and have any tulle layers removed to create a more wearable shape. Consult your tailor for ideas.

Donate your dress

There are a lot of amazing organisations that are crying out for wedding dress donations. Wish For a Wedding and Wedding Wishing Well are charities that help couples with terminal and severe illness get married. A wedding dress is often something they can’t afford so your donation would make a real difference. Charities such as Heavenly Gowns accept wedding dresses and turn them into gowns and wraps for the children of bereaved parents.

Keep it to pass down

If you can’t yet bear to part with your dress, why not keep it? Who knows, your daughter or granddaughter may want to get married in your dress in the future. Once you’ve had it cleaned, make sure it’s stored correctly. Ask your cleaner how best to do this. Many of them provide special boxes to store your dress in to protect it from time and the elements.