New Year Style Resolutions

Image: Stylonylon

Looking for some inspiration for keeping your style resolutions this year? We spoke to five stylish, not to mention successful ladies and found out how they will make 2019 the most stylish year yet.

New Years is usually a time when we find ourselves reflecting on how we live our lives and where we want to eventually end up. So it’s the perfect opportunity to think about our Style and how it impacts us and the planet on a daily basis. From reconsidering our consumption of fashion to making the most of what we already have, there are so many ways to make some positive impacts this year. We spoke to five stylish ladies who shared their resolutions for 2019 with us.

Image: @brittbergmeister

Britt Bergmeister – Model and Founder of ODMODC 

“With 2019 comes new goals and new year’s resolutions. As I reflect on 2018 and make plans for the New Year, I hope to continue to practice mindfulness. In terms of my mental health and also with regards to sustainable living. My style has always been practical, laid back and season-less. I hope to stay away from the tempting trends and only invest in pieces I truly need from companies I trust, many of our favorites found on our website ODM/ODC.

Julia Rebaudo – Founder of Stylonylon

“This year I’m feeling pretty chill! With my wardrobe I feel like I have most of the key things I need already (eg. good jeans, leather jacket, reliable tees and jumpers). So really I’m aiming not to buy anywhere near as much as I have in the past but get more creative with what I have. I’ll rework old favourites and only supplement with the occasional update when it comes to investment buys like shoes & bags. I’m also donating clothes I’m no longer wearing to, where proceeds go to charity!”

Image: @stylonylon

Image: The Wardrobe Workshop

Charlie Bowring – Founder of The Wardrobe Workshop

“I’ll be making a conscious effort in 2019 to shop from designers who are committed to sustainable practices. I have a couple of trips planned where I will hunt down the very best pre owned and vintage goods because as we all know, style is for sharing.

I love independent British brands so have entered 2019 with a bang having just purchased a coat from La Llama which I will be wearing through to the end of the winter.”

Maxine Wille – Founder of Maxine Shoes

“I would like to become more consistent in choosing quality over quantity. Whilst I have increasingly chosen responsibly- and well-made products over the past years, I have had my moments of weakness buying fast fashion. I made the conscious decision to move away from this completely and stopped purchasing fast fashion in October. And it feels great so far!

My second resolution is to stick to my style and only wear pieces that embrace my energy and aesthetic. I would like to wear more pops of colour and experiment with my existing wardrobe. Being a shoe designer I often just end up focusing on which shoes I would like to wear and then add basics instead of spending time on styling a full outfit. I am aiming to take more time for myself and make the most of my pieces and not rush into outfits.”

Image: Maxine Wille

Image: Bubbly Aquarius

Rachael Clifton – Founder of Bubbly Aquarius

“My resolution is to shop in my own wardrobe a lot more and re-work what I already have. To help me to do this I want to make sure anything I do purchase is well considered. Specifically, can it work at least 3-4 different ways in my wardrobe? Whether it’s high street or high end. I also want to buy more vintage and second hand pieces.”

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