Ethical Engagement Rings

Image: Shakti Ellenwood

It’s often the most important piece of jewellery you will ever buy or recieve, but many of us have no idea where our engagement ring was made. It’s an important emotional decision but also an ethical one. We’ve put together a guide to the best ethical engagement rings.

An engagement ring is forever, and with such an important choice comes a moral and ethical one too. We know that you value your social consciousness so it’s important to choose a ring that is made in the best possible way. When choosing an engagement ring it’s helpful to consider a few things. Where was it made and by who? Is the gold Fair Trade? Where were the stones or diamonds sourced? Does the company you are buying from have social responsibility at its heart? Therefore make sure to ask questions about what is important to you and your partner.

Image: Bario Neal

Of course another great option is to choose a vintage or preloved ring. You may even be lucky enough to inherit one from your family. If you choose to buy second hand we advise using a reputable dealer who can authenticate the origin and the materials of the piece. It won’t be fun to find out that that bargain diamond isn’t actually a diamond!

You might be forgiven for thinking that the choice of ethical engagement rings is limited but luckily this isn’t the case. We have chosen just a few of the amazing brands out there for you. Additionally they are at more reasonable price points than high jewellery designers in order to give you some realistic ideas. It’s worth noting that choosing a Lab Grown diamond is not just better for the planet, it’s better for your wallet too. Whatever your taste; traditional, modern, eclectic or pretty, there are some amazing designers out there ready to help make your dream come true.

Ethical Engagement Rings

Cred Jewellery

UK based Cred Jewellery are changing the way we purchase engagement rings. They work closely with their clients to create the perfect ring that fits with your ethical needs. They offer lab grown diamonds as well as ethically sourced stones, like this stunning sapphire. Ever since they started in 1996 they have pioneered the use of ethically sourced diamonds and fairtrade gold.

The Neroli Ring, from £1,625, Cred Jewellery

Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Inspired by her Scottish heritage, every piece in Ellis Mhairi Cameron’s collections is crafted by hand. She uses traditional techniques and hand skills to infuse each piece with a unique personality. In addition Ellis only uses ethically sourced or recycled gold.

Gold and Diamond XXI Ring, £1,495, Ellis Mhairi Cameron

Lebrusan Studio

We love the uniqueness of Arabel Lebrusan’s designs. This beautiful Tiara ring is designed to slot perfectly around your engagement ring to add a special touch. She uses craftspeople in the UK and Spain to create her beautifully intricate filigree designs. In addition Arabel only uses fairtrade and fairmined gold and stones for her jewellery. Explore Arabel’s jewellery box here.

Teardrop Tiara Ring, £580, Lebrusan Studio

Vrai & Oro

Vrai & Oro’s diamonds are grown above ground using solar energy which means they have 100% traceability. They are also working to make 100% of their metal from recycled sources. So if you’re looking for modern design with a nostalgic twist, you can’t go far wrong with Vrai & Oro.

Emerald Bezel Ring, $2,894, Vrai & Ono

Fenton & Co.

When designing a unique engagement ring, flexibility is key. Fenton & Co. offer an amazing online service that allows you to design your own ring. Choose your style, metal, stones and cut using their handy step by step guide.You can also rest assured that all the materials are sourced ethically and they are helpfully transparent about their working practises.

The Garland Ring, from £1,250, Fenton & Co.

Shakti Ellenwood

For alternative design with an organic feel, we think Shakti Ellenwood is a great option. She offers beautiful rustic feeling stones, paired with textured fair trade golds. Every piece of jewellery is fully traceable and Shakti works hard to benefit the artisans and local communities involved in the production.

Galina Fairtrade Engagement Ring, £1,980, Shakti Ellenwood



Family run Vieri is a must for feminine jewellery with a modern twist. Vieri’s Creative Director Guya Merkle cares deeply about the provenance of each piece. So much so that she has created an organisation  that works directly with mining communities. You can read more about her work here.

White Gold, Chrysoberil and Diamond Ring, €6,490, Vieiri

Bario Neal

US based designers Anna Bario and Page Neal are proud to work with the oldest Jewellery district in the country, Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row. They believe love is for everyone and this is reflected in their responsible labour commitment. Not only that but their materials are all ethically sourced.

Stellium Morganite with Diamond Halo Ring, $2,240, Bario Neal

Lark & Berry

Committed to great design at a better price, Lark & Berry are pushing the boundaries of sustainable diamonds. They only use cultured diamonds, which are grown artificially in a lab. This means that every stone is 100% traceable. Through this method they eliminate the often large price tags associated with mined diamonds. So you can purchase a very affordable diamond ring, and be assured of it’s ethical origins.

White Gold and Diamond Aerides Ring, £3,500, Lark & Berry

Ingle & Rhode

Ingle & Rhode aren’t satisfied to simply know that their diamonds are conflict free, they trace every diamond they use back to the source. The metals too are guaranteed fairtrade gold, fairmined silver and recycled platinum. Their classic and timeless designs mean that your ring will only get better with age.

Pavane with cushion cut diamond, £3895, Ingle & Rhode

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