Best Bath Soaks and Salts

As the temperature continues to drop, all we want to do is hibernate. What better way to rest and relax than by adding some bath salts to your evening soak. Read on for the best bath soaks and salts.

If you’ve already read our guide to Bath Rituals then you’ll likely already be a fan of bath salts. Famed for their restorative properties, salts such as dead sea or Himalayan salts help to draw negative energy and discomfort away from your body. Therefore making them perfect for soothing aching muscles post workout. We also love how effective magnesium is at soothing skin complaints and joint or muscle pains. It’s also handy for topping up your bodies levels of magnesium as it absorbs very easily through your skin. So what are you waiting for? Light a candle, grab a good book (for ideas check out our favourite Winter Reads) and throw a few handfuls of soak into your bath. We guarantee you will feel the benefits.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is for general advice only and should not be used as a substitute for professional healthcare or beauty advice. We make every effort to ensure we only recommend safe products however you should always do a patch test when trying new products.